Storm III Plus VR Goggles/Headset.

Storm III Plus VR Goggles/Headset/Helmet Baofeng 3, best VR Goggles so far. Latest in 2015.
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Manufacturer: AmazingVR

This is the Latest VR Goggles, released on October 2015. It's the best VR Goggles so far.


  • Two pair of Lenses, perfect for gaming and movies.
  • Fully closed design made not to be spoiled by any entering light, No light leaking in.
  • Left - Right adjustable lenses to fit your pupils.
  • Front - End adjustable smartphone position to change the focus length to suit near-sighted under 600 degrees.
  • Adjustable/comfortable head mount to suit your head.
  • Secret videos, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself.
  • Universal design to fit the most of phones 4.7 - 6 inch, perfectly fit your smartphone, perfect for iPhone6 plus
  • Protect your phone against impacts and scratches.
  • Support Android and IOS
  • Semi-transparent front cover for AR Apps.
  • Compatible with all Google Cardboard Apps and all side-by-side VR apps/games/movies.
  • Magnet switch, working perfectly with Google Cardboard App.


  1. Download and install apps on your smartphone from
  2. Open the VR App
  3. Open the front clip then insert your smartphone in.
  4. Position the smartphone correctly, exactly in the middle,              not too high, nor too low, nor crookedly.
  5. Adjust the lens to fit the phone width and your eyes.
  6. Adjust smartphone position to get a clearest vision.
  7. Adjust the strap to distribute the weight around your head.
  8. Enjoy it!
  1. What is the magnet switch for? Do I need it?
    The magnet can trigger the "click" event in Google Cardboard App (more and more apps support magnet now) so you can control your smartphone easily. If there is no magnet parts you have to take the smartphone out, touch the screen then put your smartphone in, again and again....
  2. I wear glasses, how to adjust the lens focus to suit my eye?
    You can adjust the phone to lens postion by the button on top-middle.
  3. What screen resolution I need?
    If your phone screen resolution is under 720p, you cannot get very good experience. We suggest 1080p screen. 2K screen will be the best. 
  4. Can I watch standard 2D movies / play 2D games on it?
    You can watch 2D/3D/360 Videos and play side-by-side/VR games. Traditional 2D games are not support.
  5. Does my phone work with Google Cardeboard App?
    HTC One, Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia Z3 are not compatible with Google Cardboard App so far. 
  6. Can it fit for Iphone 6 plus?
        It's suitable for Iphone 6 plus very well.

Products specifications
Body Material ABS and PC
Color Black and White
Dimensions L: 21cm x W: 12cm x Ht: 11cm
Headstrap Yes, and adjustable
Support Smartphone Size 4.7" - 6" , perfect for iphone 6 plus
Lens Removable Yes
Lens Type Optical PC Lenses
Focal/Sharpness Adjustment Yes
Interpupillary Distance Coverage Yes
Camero Out / AR Support Yes
Headphone / Charging cable support Yes
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